Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Week 5

Like last time nothing interesting happens during the school week so I'll skip ahead to the weekend. Alice and I went up to planneralm for our mandatory rotary meeting it was our hiking trip. There on the first day I had the best schnitzel I've had hear yet and then we met up with a lot of the oldies, people who have been here for 6 months and are pretty much all Australians. On the next day we went hiking or most of us did I and a few other had to stay behind because some idiot decided they were well enough to come on the trip even though if you're sick you are aloud to miss it. So we missed our hiking opportunity and just stayed in the hotel all the time, lucky us though cause the hotel had an amazing sauna which quite alot of us used frequently. On the last day we had some meeting and said our goodbyes as we went back to our host families.

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