Monday, 2 October 2017

week six

This week after returning from Planner-Alm I got sick I still dont know who brought it up but alot of people ended up catching some bug. So I was quarantined in my room pretty much so I would not get the rest of the house sick so that kept me in my room for the weekend and half the next school week. After half the next week just being sick I finally got better to then I attended school for the rest of the week and Hung out with my Friends on friday at the bar to which I did not have any alcohol. Saturday Martin took me out to the Donauturm which is some spinning restaurant which is super expensive so we just went up for photos. Later on he then took me the castle that is original by being not original Kreuzenstein castle. Sunday I went to westbahnhof Vienna and just hung out with friends.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Week 5

Like last time nothing interesting happens during the school week so I'll skip ahead to the weekend. Alice and I went up to planneralm for our mandatory rotary meeting it was our hiking trip. There on the first day I had the best schnitzel I've had hear yet and then we met up with a lot of the oldies, people who have been here for 6 months and are pretty much all Australians. On the next day we went hiking or most of us did I and a few other had to stay behind because some idiot decided they were well enough to come on the trip even though if you're sick you are aloud to miss it. So we missed our hiking opportunity and just stayed in the hotel all the time, lucky us though cause the hotel had an amazing sauna which quite alot of us used frequently. On the last day we had some meeting and said our goodbyes as we went back to our host families.

Week Four

Not much happens during the school week, I was assigned in my English a reading assignment. I have to read "The perks of being a wall flower" other than that i hung out with some friends nothing interesting during the school week. On the weekend I got to hang out with some of my Rotarian friends and hang around in Vienna. Sunday my host dad took my host brother and I to a mittealterfest which is like a renaissance fair. We saw many people dressed up in armor and costumes and a Jousting tournament.

Monday, 4 September 2017

week three

This week I was in my language camp where we did very little but some of the few fun activities were our group dance lessons where we learned various dances i'm still not good at like the Viennese waltz and some other folks dances. We also had a talent show which was very fun to watch on our last night. We all said our goodbyes and went back to our host houses and rested up. I went to Vienna the other day, I was in the first district and just walked around with some friends I was able to see the St Stephen's cathedral which was truly breathtaking, later in the week I made a lot of new friends at another festival as well.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

week two

This won't be a long post cause I was just at language camp.

I arrived at the language camp seeing the multitude of people at the entrance everyone in their blazers. I did a quick check in and went to my room and I got the last choice of beds so i got the one in the middle of 4 other guys. 2 Americans, 1 Brazilian and 1 Icelandic those were my roommates. we had a meeting and went to class that was the days in school we just went to class and got our 3 meals a day. though what did during our brakes was just going to the supermarket and swimming at the lake.

week one

I got off the plain after having been delayed in Britain for 3 extra hours and my host family was waiting for me. We had to eat something cheap and quick since it was 10 at night so my first meal in Austria was McDonald's. I got a quick tour of the house, unpacked and went to sleep. The next day it was just explaining house rules and all that stuff that has to be done. The host father martin took my host brother and I to the pool since it has been really hot here we later that night had schnitzel for dinner which was amazing. The next day I met some of the host sisters friends who are pretty nice people we went out for a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant and finished off the night at a carnival which is called a folk feste. The next day the host father took the host sister and I to a mountain town above Vienna called Kahlenberg. Later that day the host brother and I played fussgolf a mix of soccer and golf. Ending that night I went to a steinbruch party with the host sister. Ending the week I started off at german camp which I will cover in the other posts.